WNTH, the voice of New Trier, is district 203’s direct line into the New Trier Community. WNTH was founded on December 10th, 1961 and was the first high school station in the country to broadcast PSAs and student voices. New Trier students, families, and community members tune into 88.1 FM to hear the ideas from inside New Trier being broadcast into the world. WNTH provides every New Trier student with a voice, and platform, and an opportunity to share their perspective. WNTH is run by a team of sponsors and a 10-12 member student board who manage a 100+ person staff. Through weekly broadcasts, well conducted interviews, and an array of music, WNTH serves to communicate who New Trier is, where it is going, and connect those in the North Shore community through one common airwave.