Applications for the 2017-2018 WNTH radio season is now OPEN 

To access the online WNTH application, click here

The application is due October 13th

For demo format guidelines, click here.

How to record and submit your demos:

1) Use the voice memo app on any iPad or iPhone.
2) Record your 3-5 minute demo
3) IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR A PODCAST you have the option to edit your demo (but you do not need to). You can email your recording to yourself through the voice recorder app and then edit the audio in any software you choose (like GarageBand). If you don't know how to do this, you don't need to for now.
4) On Voice memos, press "done" on your recording (next to the red record button) and title it with your show's name and press save.
5) Tap on your demo file below the red recording button.
6) Tap the box with the arrow on the left under the recording.
7) Select mail and email your demo to