2017-2018 Board

Board of Education of NTHS: WNTH License Owner

WNTH Sponsor: Ms. Iwona Awlasewicz

Station Management: 

General Station Manager: Liv Rocklin

As the general station manager, Liv is charge of helping the WNTH board and staff reach goals within marketing, programming, and any other ideas brought up. She helps to maintain the integrity of the station by the standards of NTHS and the FCC. She also helps staff secure Radiothon interviews. Overall, she is responsible for ensuring the most successful radio season possible for WNTH.


Operations Manager: Alex Chvala

The Operations Director (OD) is in charge of the behind the scenes action in WNTH. The OD trains incoming and existing DJ’s to make sure they can broadcast the best show possible. They are also in charge of editing the WNTH training manual and bylaws. The OD will also monitor student shows, like other divisions, and bring issues to the Station Manager to review for punishments. Finally, the OD will create and maintain a substitution system with the Station Manager.


The WNTH engineering department is first and foremost responsible for maintaining all the equipment used throughout the year. Our additional duties this year include overseeing the move to the new radio station from the fifth floor. We work closely with the NTHS engineering team to troubleshoot all obstacles our DJs may encounter over the course of the year and make sure the executive board and DJ’s have a working knowledge of all equipment. We also run the WNTH recording studio which is a service offered to all WNTH students to record their music.

Equipment Engineer: Macy Nanda

In charge of transitioning to new radio station and maintenance throughout the year in the station and recording studio.

Software Engineer: Billy Crimmins

In charge of all computer programs used, radio station operating system and the WNTH website.

Sound Engineer: Ethan Jakob

In charge of working the recording studio and keeping track of vinyl.  

Programming Department:

As the public affairs department, we will be in charge of scheduling shows and deciding who to give the prime time slots to. DJs will need to send their playlists to Jude and Emma at least 2 days before their show is planned to air, just in case changes need to be made. We plan to work with CMJ and contact various record companies to receive vinyl, CDs, and stickers to advertise up and coming bands. The CDs we are sent will be kept on a rolling basis by the broadcasting room and DJs will be asked to play some of the new songs on their shows. We will be in charge of contacting people in both the North Shore and New Trier communities to bring in guest stars on the weekly Night Talks show.

Programming Director: Grace Kapsimalis

Oversees the department; makes contacts in community for Night Talk guests. Oversees the downloading of music for the shows. Has the final say on creation, and sending out of the schedule.

Music Director: Emma Merk

Will oversee the playlists sent in by DJs and getting new music into circulation. Also will be in contact with CMJ to receive new music recommendations and CDs/vinyl.

Public Affairs and "Night Talk" Producers: Jude Al Abosy and Jack Connolly

Working together to structure the Night Talk shows, and make sure that there are people coming in weekly to do shows. Create a forum to invite people to share their ideas for the show, being guest stars in the various segments.

Marketing Department:

The Marketing department is in charge of all community outreach and advertising. They promote the station and focus their efforts on fundraising such as Radiothon. 

Marketing Department Directors: Carson Koy and Sammy Fogel

Approve all advertisements before they’re put out, help write advertisements and plan them, draft plans for moneymaking, in charge of decorating new station getting in touch with the proper authorities for placing advertisements.

Social Media Director: Jack Mosele

In charge of WNTH social media.