FCC Radio Manual

The FCC Radio Manual describes the legal boundaries for WNTH. These rules are enforced upon all US radio stations and is mandatory reading.

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WNTH Radio Operations Manual

The WNTH Radio Operations Manual is another required read that outlines the restrictions and expectations for a WNTH radio show. Please sign and have your parents sign the bottom of the document to let us know that you have read BOTH documents and turn it in to Ms. Awlasewicz's mailbox

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WNTH Radio Station Instruction Manual

This is the instruction manual on how to operate the radio station. While you will have a training session with a member of the board prior to your first show, this document will always be available to you to supplement your training or answer any questions that may pop up. If you have any questions or a problem occurs while you are broadcasting, you should look here first before asking a member of the board for help.