The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part -review by Malcolm Waite

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is the sequel to the first LEGO movie and is the 4th movie in the LEGO franchise. This film starts out with our heroes in an apocalyptic wasteland very akin to Mad Max. If you didn’t remember, one twist from the first film was that the whole movie was a situation being played out by an 11 year old boy, and this movie certainly continues that trend. Now let’s start to get into the many pros and the few cons of this film.

The first thing I will address is how this film handles the real life aspect of this world. The film starts out with the boys dad announcing that now his sister will be playing down there as well, and so ensues the duplo invasion. LEGO deploys are basically baby legos, so this explains a lot. This was actually a very heartfelt story, and I was surprised by this aspect of the film. I believe this movie surpassed the heart of the first, and I was not expecting that.


Another great aspect of this film were the cameos. There were so many that just made me laugh out loud.  And the thing is it makes sense for these LEGO movies, since these kids have some random figures so you would expect to see many out of place things just pop up.

Now my main flaw with this film is something that happens that I can’t directly address because it is an intense spoiler. What happens just seemed so absurd for me, even for this universe. But the thing is, it wasn’t the kids controlling this event. That’s what was so weird about it. It just took me out of the film and this is expanded along throughout the third act after this is introduced. None of it worked, and it just could have been so much better.

This film also has some great life lessons for siblings and they were very heartwarming. Somehow, a movie about Legos can be applied to families everywhere. It is very touching to see and I really was surprised by the heart of this film. Yet I wanted more of all of this heart. There are just some things that don’t make sense, just in the general sense of the narrative. For example, we don’t know why some characters act a certain way when these are all kids playing with toys. The first film matches this much better.

While I would like to continue this review, I believe I have gotten everywhere I can without spoiling anything, so I will have to cut it here.



With a lot of heart and some funny and great cameos, yet with a insanely convoluted plot line that I sadly can’t get in to, I’m going to give The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part an A-

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