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Macy Nanda: Station Manager

Macy Nanda began her involvement with 88.1 WNTH Winnetka as a freshman with her show “Everything but Country” which broadcasted out of the New Trier Northfield campus. She joined the board as a sophomore in 2016 as a public relations specialist and DJ of the show “Edumacation.” During the 2017-18 season, the station’s first season in its current location, Macy was the station’s Vice President and Chief Engineer, acting as station president during the final quarter of the season, and hosting the year-long show “The Gray Area.” Macy is the board’s current Station Manager and host of the show “A Complete and Total Waste of Time with Mateo and Macy.” Macy is planning on majoring in Aerospace Engineering and her favorite song on the WNTH playlist is Step in Line by Harry Belafonte.  

Mateo Lariviere: Program Director

Mateo Lariviere is the programming director for 88.1 WNTH Winnetka. He is a senior at New Trier and member of the New Trier film program. Mateo is in Film Production 3 class where all he’s kinda good at is sound. He co-hosts “A Complete and Total Waste of Time with Mateo and Macy.” Mateo’s favorite baseball team is the Red Sox and his favorite player is Mookie Betts. His favorite song is Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.

Andrew Moerschel: News Director

Andrew Moerschel is a Chicago-born on air personality, producer, and proudly serves as the News Director of WNTH 88.1FM. He is also a frequently-demanded co-host and announcer with Smart Talk’s affiliate WCGO 1590 AM in Evanston with additional appearances in local venues for narration as well as play-by-play content. Current projects include Mighty House, Open Road Radio, the 312, and The Producer’s Hour. Upcoming events include a hosting position on the December 23rd end-of-the-year commemorative edition of Playtime with Bill Turk and Kerri Kendall and an appearance at the Chicago Motorcycle Parade to Benefit Toys for Tots. An avid runner and biker he currently resides in the Northern Suburbs with his sister, two dogs, and parents.

Riley Needham: Chief Engineer

Riley is the Chief Engineer of WNTH and has worked on many audio projects throughout his high school career. He is one of the three Co-Heads of Soundtraks, where he has mixed audio for 32 piece ensembles and produced videos for the Soundtraks youtube channel. He has also worked in professional settings, doing live mixing for multiple venues including temples, jazz clubs, and small events. Post high school he is taking a gap year to get work experience in the field of audio. After this gap year he is considering attending Denver University or Belmont for audio engineering and post processing.

Frank Zawrazky: Sports Director

Chase Avery: Assistant Sports Director

Chase Avery began his involvement with 88.1 WNTH Winnetka this year, as a sophomore. He is the station’s Assistant Sports Director. He currently hosts “The Chase,” a WNTH sports talk show. Outside of the station, Chase is an avid rower and enjoys playing baseball. His favorite subject in school is Environmental Geoscience and he enjoys spending time with his family and playing video games.