WNTH first went on the air on December 10, 1961. Its purpose then was to broadcast lessons to absent student, so that they would not fall too far behind in their classes. Today, it is used to broadcast music, talk, news, and sports shows, and is operated by the students of New Trier Township High School. 

WNTH is owned by the New Trier school board. The station has an output power of 100 watts, which is sufficient to reach all the territory in the New Trier district, and much of the surrounding area. The station broadcasts from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm everyday except Sundays and days when there is no school. The station can be found at 88.1 on the FM dial, or if not within the broadcasting range, livestreamed online, which you can reach by clicking the "tune in" tab. 

The station is completely run by students under the supervision of a few faculty members. Each year, a new group of students is selected to take charge of the station. This board includes 10 positions and roughly 12 members, and a staff of students. The board’s job is to make sure the station and its DJ's are running smoothly and effectively. To find more information on the functions of the WNTH board, staff, and much, much, more, click the tabs on the left! 

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